Schoolies Revolution is a 3-week trip to a developing country or region that is all about celebrating well and making a difference. It is a short-term missions trip that looks to impact the world and expose young people to the issues of poverty, all while having a distinct schoolies flavour that emphasises fun, friendship and adventure.


On the trips we get alongside local organisations that are making a difference. We seek to impact and influence the communities we visit, encourage the people working there and invest in their projects with our time and resources. Whoever comes on the trip to use their gifts and talents to serve the people we meet and to discover how they can impact the world when they return home.


A schoolies experience like no other that will have a massive impact on your life! Not only will you have a stack of fun, you will be able to make some great friends and explore a new culture and country. Above all, you get a chance to see the challenges of poverty with your own eyes, be empowered to help and learn from the people who live in these circumstances.


Finishing Year 12 is such a great achievement and it is worth celebrating. Whether you are white-water rafting down the River Nile, visiting the local markets, enjoying the beautiful beaches or on safari in Africa, you will be having a great celebration! Celebrating well and having fun is what Schoolies Revolution is all about!


You won't change the world in 3 weeks but by partnering with local organisations we definitely have the opportunity to have a big impact. You could paint someone's home, help set up an environmental project or even build a house! No matter what, you can be sure that you will work in some practical ways and leave behind a visible impact!


We are all about making memories that are positive and will last a lifetime! Obviously, all the fun activities and serving at the projects will be unforgetable. You will also spend 3 weeks with a group of people who you will form a close bond with as you live together, share meals and journey through the ups and downs of an exciting, challenging, encouraging and confronting trip.


This is our vision, our heartbeat and essentially what drives us: to turn around a generation. We seek to do this not only here in Australia but also around the world. We believe this generation has so much potential and want to do whatever we can to help unlock that.


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Being able to make a difference in a part of the world, however big or small, was incredibly rewarding and I can’t think of a better way I could have spent my schoolies.

Jono - Uganda 2011

The missions work and just seeing the poverty first-hand gave me such a new perspective. I was confronted by their incredible poverty, but saw such love in their hearts. I was challenged, inspired and motivated to change who I was and the country where I came from. Schoolies in Africa gave me so much life experience in such a short time.

Kasey - Uganda 2012

Filled with fun, challenges, reality checks and downright hard work, Schoolies Rev honestly changed my life! It taught me lots about how to love and be joyful in spite of difficult circumstances, and developed a greater appreciation in me for all the unrecognized blessings that surround us each day! Of course it was heaps of fun too!

Shane - Uganda 2014


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Starting in 2010, we promoted at a few local Christian schools. Before we knew it, we had 22 students signed up for a trip to Uganda at the end of 2011. Promotion for 2012 was increased and we took a team to Uganda, with 21 students and 30 people involved in the trip, meaning we were maxed out! After two very successful years, we felt like it was time to take a step forward. So we embarked on running a second trip. We ran two schoolies trips in 2013, one to Uganda and another to India & Sri Lanka, with a total of 18 students. 2014 saw us head on three trips, adding one to the Solomon Islands in partnership with Soul Survivor and we had 32 students involved across all trips. Now, 2015 sees us taking on a new adventure to the Philippines, while continuing our trip to Uganda.


Kelsey Wood

Kelsey, after graduating as a dietician, is currently working with a mission agency. Having grown up in the mission field herself, Kelsey has now led and participated in numerous short-term trips with YWAM and Schoolies Revolution.  She is also heavily involved at Mt Evelyn Christian Reformed Church, leading in youth and young adult ministries with her husband Tim. Kelsey’s main area of focus at Schoolies Rev is the administration side of the trips, making sure everything is well documented and organised, as well as coordinating our fundraising and events.

Tim Wood

Tim is the youth pastor at Mt Evelyn Christian Reformed Church and has spent the last three years coordinating the youth and young adult programs there. He is studying theology at Melbourne School of Theology and is looking to graduate at the end 2015.  Tim, who is married to Kelsey, has been on mission trips with YWAM and Schoolies Revolution, travelling to Indonesia, Egypt, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Germany. Tim’s main area of focus is our leaders, taking time to work with them, as well as offering support and organising training.

Joel Poppenbeck

Joel graduated from Melbourne School of Theology with a Bachelor of Ministry at the end 2014, where he focused on youth ministry and missions. He is currently on staff at One Hope Community Church, looking after youth and young adults. After visiting Uganda several times and a trip to India & Sri Lanka, Joel initiated the Schoolies Rev project in 2010. Joel’s main of focus is the team of students, looking after the administration around their preparation, as well as coordinating the promotion in schools and at youth events.

We are a project and initiative of HopeBuilders International, who support what we do and provide a great framework for us. HopeBuilders are a registered non-profit organisation based in Australia, with a vision for breaking the cycle of poverty. Currently, there main body of work is in Uganda, where they focus on helping orphans and widows. They also run regular trips to Africa, so if you are too old for Schoolies Rev but love the idea, have a chat to them. To find out more, check out