Welcome to a movement of young people where we desire to see change in our world. At the end of their high school experience, every Year 12 embarks on an a massive journey. There are so many opportunities and a newfound freedom, yet with the power of choice comes the chance to make a stand. We want to see young people make a statement with their ‘schoolies’, by choosing something different. Therefore we provide an alternative option that focuses on serving the poor and putting others’ needs above our own. The relationships that are made, the new culture that is experienced and joy of making a difference lead to a perfect way to celebrate.


A three-week trip to visit impoverish communities and countries, where Year 12 leavers are exposed to the harsh reality that many people call everyday life. We seek to provide opportunities for students to engage in practical activities, such as building or painting, and leave a lasting impact. We also make sure students get plenty of time to build relationships with local people, learning about their lifestyle and culture, hearing their stories and showing them love. Furthermore, students learn a lot about life by simply being away from home, looking back at the issues of our own society, ¬†and living together with team of ten to twenty people. On top of all that, we want to make sure our trips are a celebration, like all ‘schoolies’ trips should be. So whether it is checking out the tourist attractions or visiting the local market or playing games at an orphanage, there seems to always be an atmosphere of fun.

Turning Around A Generation

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